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It seems that every area along the East Coast has its best kept secret and Johns River is no exception. This sleepy little village has now become a "Destination" and one of the reasons for this is the iconic establishment known as Rosie's Café & Gallery. The village has recently had a bypass—a highway bypass that is—and as with any procedure of this kind there is always a period of recovery and re-adjustment and so the village has been slowly reinventing itself over the past few years.

Gone are the never ending streams of traffic which once carved the village in two, where just crossing the road to visit a friend meant a death defying dash between gaps in the traffic.The Wishing Willow And, rumor has it, things are so quiet now that one of the locals has to start his lawnmower up at night just to get to sleep!
The dust has now settled and the scar of the once busy, gritty highway has healed over to become a quiet village street where children ride their bikes to school. The pace of life may have slowed but a new Johns River is about to emerge, transformed and showcasing its creative heart – Rosie’s Café & Gallery.

Nestled in the heart of the Three Brothers region, an area which has long been known for its natural beauty, Johns River is now also becoming known for its local café. Rosie’s was the creation of Lorri Fischer who moved from Sydney to settle in Hannam Vale. Lorrie took the run-down Johns River General Store and transformed it into a vision of picture postcard rusticity. Then Rosie's was taken over by Rita & Keith Allen who have added more attractions and are working to renovate the premises.

Meet Rosie

Our Namesake is not, as many of our customers believe, the smiling girl behind the counter. Rosie is a beautiful Great Dane who epitomizes the vibe of the café.Rosie's Cafe "Unique and always happy to see you!" Naturally, Rosie's is also "Pet Friendly": so if you're coming to visit please feel free to bring along your furkids: Canine, Feline or Equine.

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